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The "Lucia Flores Design" trade marks, whether they are figurative or not, and all other marks, trade names, service marks, brand names, business names, illustrations, images, logos, registered or unregistered designs, copyrights and patents ("Intellectual Property"), which appear on our products, Web Store, accessories or packaging, whether registered or not, are and remain the exclusive property of Lucia Flores Design. Any reproduction, whether complete or partial, modification or use of the Intellectual Property, for whatever reason and in whatever medium, without our written, express and prior agreement, is strictly prohibited, as is any combination or use in conjunction with any other mark, symbol, logo and more generally any distinctive sign intended to form a composite logo.

Copyright © 2010-2013 and beyond belongs solely to Lucia Flores Design. The content herein, including but not limited to, all intellectual property, designs, materials and the selection and placement thereof in such designs, copy, text, photography, listing format and content is the sole and exclusive right Lucia Flores Design and its subsidiaries and any attempt to copy or reproduce any of such designs, copy, text or content, by any means, electronic, manually, visually or otherwise is prohibited by law and all infringements, intentional or otherwise, shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Permission is granted for the use of images, text and content for the purpose of promoting the work contained herein in cases in which Lucia Flores Design is recognized and acknowledged as the sole creator of the work in question.

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